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"The world's best semiconductor company."

SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation is engaged in the construction, ownership and operation of a plant for the manufacture, assembly, test and warehousing of semiconductor and memory devices and applications and related products, as well as the performance of related or incidental activities thereto. In particular, SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation is engaged in the assembly and test of memory chips and devices for computers, laptops and servers, as well as micro SD cards for mobile phones.

SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation provides turnkey solutions that include wafer back grinding, assembly and packaging, final testing of semiconductor devices, and delivery and shipment to its customer.

SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation continues to improve and develop its operations to maintain and further enhance its friendly working environment and welfare.

With technology innovation in manufacturing and process, flexibility of productions, quality and cost competitiveness, SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation aims to be one of the leading suppliers worldwide.

Mindful of the competitive nature of the assembly and testing segment of the semiconductor industry, SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation continues to pursue business growth through a persistent quest for the most cost competitive manufacturing process and the finest quality control system in the OSAT business. It is starting to establish new business partnerships with identified customers from the top tier market.

SFA Semicon Philippines Corporation does its best to fulfill the customer’s demand with high quality products and on time delivery through equipment investment, continuous technology development and productivity improvement.

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